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Yavapai-Prescott tribal elections conducted July 13




PHOENIX, Ariz. (July 16, 2002) -- President Ernie Jones, Sr. will continue to serve as President of the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe after being elected to a two-year term, and Board of Directors member Lorna Galeano will continue in her position for two more years, as well. Both were appointed last year to fill vacancies in their respective positions and both were re-elected during annual tribal elections at the Tribe's new Community Gathering Center on Saturday, July 13.

Elected as the Tribe's new Vice President was Bob Ogo, the new Secretary/Treasurer is Luan Olague and a new Board of Directors member is Lisa Tarlip. All have previously served as tribal officers or board members and all will serve two-year terms.

Following is a summary of their experience and community involvement:

President Ernie Jones, Sr. Was appointed President in November 2001 following 10 terms as Vice President. Jones has served as the Tribe's Real Estate Manager and on the Yavapai Gaming Commission. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Yavapai Workers' Incorporated and on the Tribe's Diabetes Prevention Committee.

Vice President Bob Ogo Has served four previous terms as Vice President and is presently the tribal Construction Manager. Ogo has also served on the Compact Negotiating Committee, the Water Settlement Act Committee and the Yavapai Gaming Commission. As Vice President, he will serve as the Board's liaison to that commission.

Secretary/Treasurer Luan Olague Serving for the second time on the Board of Directors, Olague has also served on the Compact Negotiating Committee, the Tribe's Education Committee and the Yavapai Gaming Commission. She was previously the Tribe's Real Estate Manager.

Board Member Lorna Galeano Appointed to the Board in November 2001, she will serve her first full two-year term on the Board of Directors. Galeano has served two terms on the Yavapai Gaming Commission and currently serves on the Tribe's Education Committee and Diabetes Prevention Committee.

Board Member Lisa Tarlip Elected for her second term on the Board, she has served three years on the Yavapai Gaming commission and has served on the Compact Negotiating Committee. Tarlip has held several positions within the Tribe, including positions in Human Resources and Gaming, as well as serving as the Real Estate Manager. She presently sits on the Board of Directors of Yavapai Workers' Incorporated, is involved with the Community Development Committee and is Past President of the Tribe's Education Committee.

Located adjacent to the central Arizona community of Prescott, approximately one hour north of Phoenix, the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe consists of 159 members and occupies a reservation of less than 1,500 acres. Tribal enterprises, including a business park, shopping center and two casinos, provide more than 2,500 jobs for the local economy.