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The Symbolism of the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe Flag

The color blue represents that the Yavapai are “from the sky.” Blue also represents water and Komwidamapokwia, the mother of this generation of Yavapai, who was the only survivor of the world flood.

The Tribal Seal represents the four worlds of the Yavapai and is illustrated using the color yellow for petals of the sun and the story of Skatakaamcha, the cultural hero of the Yavapai, whose father was the sun.

The crosses represent the most important symbol of the Yavapai. Komwidamapokwia and Skatakaamcha used the equilateral cross for healing. Spaniards gave the Yavapai the name Cruzados because they wore crosses in their hair. The cross also represents Venus, which appears both as the Morning Star and the Evening Star, where they are now residing. Many Yavapai women are given a name with “star” (hamsi) included.

Komwidamapokwia gave the Yavapai four stones for medicine and directions. These stones were white, turquoise, red and black and are depicted near the edges of the basket in the four directions.